Balanced Diet

You might have heard of the term balanced diet over and over again but you can’t seem to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. There are a lot of books and magazines being published nowadays and it’s quite hard to understand what this means, with all the definitions they are providing. Read on, and learn about balanced diet the simple way.

A balanced diet is one that contains all the necessary food groups essential for optimum functioning in a person. These food groups are commonly called Go, Grow and Glow. Go is the food group containing the foods we need for energy boost such as cereals and whole grains. Grow covers the foods necessary for perking up growth such as proteins. Glow foods on the other hand, are the foods containing the vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

Aside from containing all the foods needed by the body, a balanced diet should also mean taking in the right amounts of these foods. The USDA Food Guide is an example where you can see the amounts you need in each food group. You can go to to learn more.

Each person has a calorie need that is different from other people. This would depend on your weight, and on your daily activities. People who exert much physical effort during the day would require a relatively higher amount of calories than those who have a sedentary lifestyle. The key to planning your diet based on your calorie level is measuring the portion size of every food you eat. There are books that provide the approximate calorie contents of most foods so you might want to check these out. Or, to save you the time of opening a book every now and then, just keep in mind that fruits and vegetables contain less calories,  sweets have a high amount of calories and so with meat. This can serve as your guide. You can also reduce the serving that you will be having when eating foods rich in sugar.

It is not necessary that you count every calorie you consume. What is important is that you find a way so that these calories can be burned, therefore not being stored in the body as fat. The goal of a having a balanced diet is to keep you healthy – in a holistic manner, and at the same time avoiding the possible occurrences of diseases. Keeping your diet a balanced one is entirely up to you. Perseverance is needed to make these simple steps toward healthy living.

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