Limits To Modern Food Processing

The introduction, consumption and increasing dependence on processed food has changed urban lifestyles.  Obesity is now clearly associated with primarily the consumption of processed food. The food industry has become so powerful that it is able to sway government policies, and the agricultural sector as a whole. They are able to influence consumer preference in food. They also influence what crops are produced, how these are produced and, of course, how these are processed. The industry is more concerned about its profits rather than the consumers’ health. The profits from the sales of processed foods are also more than that from fresh foods. Moreover, processed food are easy to store, has longer shelf-life and cheaper than fresh food. The major benefit with fresh food is that it is nutritious. Processed food either can be consumed straight away or with very little preparation. This suits the busy life of the urban people.

The consumer preference in food is decided increasingly these days by the food industry. It is actually not as though that the consumer has the choice. They have to choose from what the industry offers. This is the situation in most urban centers. The food processing industry has developed technologies that can ensure a longer shelf life. The fresh food is processed through the use of such technologies as pasteurization, cooling, autoclaving, drying, salting and separation of various components. The processed food is then packed and sold through the stores. Cooling continues to be the main method of processing to retain freshness. In addition to longer shelf life, the food is kept safe from bacterial infection too. Nevertheless, there are other problems that arise from processing.

Processing reduces the nutritional value of the food. That is why processed food is found to be enriched with additional nutritional ingredients. Processed food may also contain harmful acids and fats. Consumption of beverages too has increased adding to carbohydrates and sugar intake. Together with fast food, these contribute to the overweight problem. Along with this the weight loss market has been booming. There are a variety of weight loss guides and programs available for you to know the causes and how to manage them. Guides such as HCG Weightloss, Lose Your Belly Fat, and Low GI Diet offer you a choices for shedding excess fat.

To begin with you may choose a weight loss program that suits you. Seeking professional advice could be a good idea before you make the choice. Along with this, better nutrition and modification in your lifestyle could go a long way in maintaining better health.

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